Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) Concert Review

I had the privilege to see one of the last living musical legends perform live at the Minnesota Zoo on July 28 2013 with my father.  It was my father who played beach boys songs throughout our house during my formative years, cementing the sound in my head and introducing me to some of the best music ever created. 


Now, back to the concert review, it was a treat to get to see a sound check.  There is not a bad seat in the house, being my first time at the zoo to see a show, it exceeded my expectations on this unseasonably cool, fall like evening in Apple Valley, MN. 

Seeing Brian Wilson in person was surreal.  Even though his vocal chords are not the same as they were during Pet Sounds, the ability and creativity will never fade and it showed through multiple times throughout the concert.  Set list highlights included Little Bird, Wouldn’t it Be Nice, Warmth of the Sun and Do It again. 

One of the best pure musical shows I have ever been to.


Bruce Arians is as innovative of an Offensive Coordinator as there is in NFL.

As I go through the film of Arizona and the Green Bay (Pre- Wk 1) … I am starting to believe/Confirm that Bruce Arians (HC/OC) is a huge reason Andrew Luck Flourished so well in his Rookie Season.  How he uses Formations, Personel groupings and route combinations is cutting edge for the NFL.  In 2010, Mike McCarthy and Joe Phiblin were the innovators in regards to the passing game in the NFL, in 2013, Bruce Arians is firmly placed with that title. Carson Palmer is going to love this offense because it is so Quarterback Friendly, especially for guys with big arms. Image



QB Competition in Upstate New York, Manuel and Kolb duel continues.

Buffalo boasts legitimate competition at the quarterback position between a capable yet inconsistent quarterback (Kevin Kolb) and a first round draft pick with a high ceiling in E.J Manuel, who some are questioning if he is ready to be a starter in this league.


Early indications are that Kolb has shown consistency while displaying a veteran presence  throughout OTA’s which has carried into training camp.  Manuel, who has been lauded for his combination of unique physical gifts and a background with a pro style system seems poised to get on the field as fast as possible, but up until this point, Kevin Kolb is showing a greater command playing the position.

Keep a close eye on this battle as the preseason progresses.  If Kolb gets into a groove and  prove to be a distributor of the football, ( The Bills have quite a few offensive weapons, WR Robert Woods, C.J Spiller, Fred Jackson, Stevie Johnson) it would not shock me to see Kolb win the job.  The question then becomes, how long will he hold onto it?

Mark Sanchez, Is this it?

Mark Sanchez came into the NFL with loads of potential and promise, but has taken some serious bumps in the road as his career has unfolded. Now, 5 years in as a starting NFL QB, questions are as loud as ever about his future in the NFL.

The marriage with Marty Mornighwegh should bode well for a resurection of his career. Sanchez is at his best in a system that emphasizes getting the ball out on time, throwing short and throwing timing routes down the field. Sanchez’s skill set is more Matt Ryan than Joe Flacco or Jay Cutler.

In this aspect, Mark is a system QB, but if he is given extended life with the Jets and they truly fit their scheme to his skillset, he could get back on track.