QB Competition in Upstate New York, Manuel and Kolb duel continues.

Buffalo boasts legitimate competition at the quarterback position between a capable yet inconsistent quarterback (Kevin Kolb) and a first round draft pick with a high ceiling in E.J Manuel, who some are questioning if he is ready to be a starter in this league.


Early indications are that Kolb has shown consistency while displaying a veteran presence  throughout OTA’s which has carried into training camp.  Manuel, who has been lauded for his combination of unique physical gifts and a background with a pro style system seems poised to get on the field as fast as possible, but up until this point, Kevin Kolb is showing a greater command playing the position.

Keep a close eye on this battle as the preseason progresses.  If Kolb gets into a groove and  prove to be a distributor of the football, ( The Bills have quite a few offensive weapons, WR Robert Woods, C.J Spiller, Fred Jackson, Stevie Johnson) it would not shock me to see Kolb win the job.  The question then becomes, how long will he hold onto it?

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