Mark Sanchez to the Vikings… ?

On March 25, The New York Jets will owe Mark Sanchez a 2 Million Dollar Bonus if he is still on their Roster. Will the jets release him before that date? Not so fast. The way things have been shaping up over in Eden Praire, MN, I fully expect Rick Spielman, Mike Zimmer and Norv Turner to trade for Mark Sanchez before that March 25 deadline.  Lets explore this from three perspectives, the Vikings, which will include a collaborative approach between Rick, Mike and Norv, Mark Sanchez’s perspective and the New York Jets.






Vikings Perspective)  Christian Ponder will be entering year 4, he has shown flashes of excellence mixed in with periods of erratic and poor play. One thing is for certain, Christian will remain on the Vikings in 2014. Rick Spielman has made it known the Vikings will be looking to draft a quarterback at some point within this years draft but will not force the issue. Rick also made it clear the Vikings will sign a quarterback through Free Agency. Matt Cassel turned down an opportunity to compete for a starting job in Norv Turner’s system and may have been given information from Vikings Brass that they were in hot pursuit of another quarterback, which would explain the early bolt out of Minnesota after a successfull 2013 campaign.  Enter Mark Sanchez. Sanchez is not officially on the Free Agent QB Market but if he were, I would have to think he would be ranked right behind Michael Vick and Chad Henne, however Sanchez is 27 and Vick is past his prime and banged up, and would not fit a Norv Turner System, Henne may, however it sounds like Jacksonville will be welcoming him back with open arms. From a free agent perspective, Mark would then arguably become the most sought after QB, however he is still a member of the New York Jets. Now, Mike Zimmer was beaten by Sanchez in the playoffs in 2009 and Norv Turner’s Chargers were beaten by Mark in the 2009 Divisional Round, making them familiar with Mark’s Skillset. Enter Rick Spielman.. Rick Has stated recently that his number 1 goal is to re-vamp the Viking Defense along with the implementation of Mike Zimmer’s Defensive Scheme, The Pieces are in place to support a defensive minded football team, Adrian Peterson has at least 2 more prime years, there is explosive talent at Wide Reciever.  The last piece of this approach must be attained through a quarterback that manages the game adeptly but can also be a playmaker if called upon and capitalize on his shot plays in the passing game. Minnesota will not force the issue early in the Draft however will select a Quarterback to be a developmental guy and may thrust him into a three way competition to be the starter if need be come August.  By Bringing in Mark Sanchez to compete with Ponder and a QB TBA through the draft, The Vikings would essentially be getting a former #1 HS QB In the Country, former Top Five Draft Pick, a veteran with 4 Years of Starting experience and someone who has won four road playoff games and been to two AFC Title games.