Eagles rally late, top Jaguars.

For much of this football game, Chip Kelly’s Fast Break Offense was put in neutral/reverse by the Gus Bradley led Jacksonville defense.  It turned out to be a combination of Philly’s defense coming alive in the 2nd half along with spark plug Darren Sproles igniting the Eagle Offense to bring home the opening day victory in the City of Brotherly Love.

Things couldn’t have started out better for Jacksonville with the aid of a couple of Eagles QB Nick Foles turnovers early on. Jacksonville Quarterback Chad Henne used his veteran coverage recognition skills along with his elite level mechanics to put Jacksonville up early with two Touchdown passes in the 1st quarter.  From there on during the 1st half, the Nick Foles led Philly offense sputtered, stalled and led a first half of turnovers and missed opportunities, mostly due to the sloppy play of Foles. In the 2nd half, Henne and the Jags offense were the ones slowing down while the Eagles Offense took advantage of a couple big plays through air which ultimately made the difference in this opening day affair.

Quarterback Analysis – Jacksonville… Chad Henne looked the part of a savvy starting caliber veteran early on and throughout the first half, leading Jacksonville and showing elite command within the passing game. Jacksonville did not muster much of a ground game so it was Henne’s accuracy. timing and anticipation early on…

Philly… Nick Foles played flat out terrible in the first half, and after watching the coaching tape, was missing throws all over the field along with displaying cement feet at times… he was definitely exposed a bit in the first half, culminating with throwing an Interception in the end zone during the 2nd quarter. Foles was able to make a few big plays in the 2nd half through the air that proved to be the difference…an uneven performance for Foles who has some work to do preparing for Week 2.

Finally, Chad Henne could have single handily changed the outcome of this game with around 7:00 remaining in the game. The Jags were tied at 17 when Henne dropped back to pass and failed to exercise eye manipulation to hold the SS in Phillys 2 High Safety Look while throwing a dig route on time albeit to the backside (Left) X WR. It was a subtle nuance probably not picked up by the casual fan, but it was an intermediate Dig route that was there against the 2 high look, however because Henne failed to use his eyes on this play to manipulate or hold the SS, he locked in on the left side of the field which allowed the SS to get over and break up the accurate pass to nullify a potential Red Zone opportunity late in the game, giving the Eagles the ball back…where they ultimately took the lead on a Nick Foles Bomb to Jeremy Maclin…


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