Minnesota Mankato comes up Big in Season Finale against Upper Iowa

Went back and watched most of the Peacock Offensive Series. What Mankato did, albeit in harsh conditions, to shut down this UIU offense will end up being the Blue Print Film that all other NSIC teams will use in 2015. Now obviously the Mavs created tremendous pressure from their D-Line and blitz packages all day but what seemed to confuse Cole and the Wr’s was just how active Mankato’s Linebackers were in Zone Undercoverage and How the Mav’s DB’s played the pass and the short route concept staples of this UIU Offense. Cole didn’t play terrible, but again this Defensive Performance will end up being a blue print tape to use in the future on the Cocks in terms of halting and creating tremendous confusion for the QB and muddling his decision making process in this UIU Spread Quick Game attack…

In Summary, Lets not take anything away from the Success this Cole Jaescke/Giesking/Gutman/Hosch led skill position attack over the course of the past few years, or anything away from Shea, Frana, Higgins, Montalto etc…. All I am getting at here is with the pre snap precision/decision making required of this style of offense, defensives can adapt and figure out how to confuse the Triggerman and apply massive amounts of pressure, Mankato used in conjunction with the athleticism in their secondary, an approach to playing a combination of Zone/Man Principles and had their 2nd Level extremely active in the short to intermediate staples of this UIU Offense, For UIU to tame this kind of Pressure in the Future, I would recommend Heavy Personnel/Using Extra Tackles and using Base Personnel groupings along with marrying Play Action Preferably from Under Center to create Chunk Plays/Shot Plays in the passing game to generate Yardage…

Again, by using base personel, narrowing WR Splits, Creating deception with Play Action, an offense can then turn the tables on a defense and leave them as the side of the ball that is confused and hesitant of what they are seeing in from of their eyes for a split second. Mankato was able to do that to the Peacock Offense, but as we are seeing more and more in the NFL, the roles can be reversed with what I just described… Perhaps we will see this in 2015 from Higgins, Curran and Company…


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