The Differences and Similarities between Actors and Waiters.

 The Differences and Similarities between Actors and Waiters.  

Author – Bryan Trulen


If the job of an actor is to awaken or invoke feelings and emotions in the audience, a prime responsibility to do so falls squarely on the shoulders of the actor/actress.  In doing so, Various elements come into play. Obviously, from a bare bones acting backdrop, Tone, Voice, Tempo and other manipulatory acting skills become necessary. But ultimately, it is the actors ability to immerse themselves into a character, and most of the time the audience already has a pre-conceived idea or notion of how the character should be. This brings up the most important piece of wisdom an Actor must understand. At its core, Acting is making yourself believable to the masses, An actor’s ability to convince an audience that they are real in their character can contribute to an audience’s level of happiness while watching the show.  An  audience does not attend a show specifically because of an Actor, but Each Individual Actor indirectly impacts how the consumer is perceiving and enjoying the Play or Show.

Comparatively, patrons flocking to restaurants are going their primarily for the Food, Ambience, Location, Overall Scene and Atmosphere. There are a multitude of factors going into why people will go to a restaurant with great food being the obvious number 1 influencer. As a Waiter or Waitress, one must understand this. Waiters become facilitators in this situation. Being funny, engaging and witty/boasting great intellectual power can certainly separate one from the rest of the pack of waiters but ultimately Service is the #1 priority here. If something goes wrong, the resulting domino effect can become extremely difficult to overcome as a waiter, thus making sure things are running smoothly and staying ahead of schedule become paramount in terms of the overall direction a waiter should take during the evening.  Not even taking into account, the multiple tables or parties a waiter must  deal with, which undoubtedly  places stressors/enhancers on the possibility of something going wrong throughout the evening.

In this sense, I believe Waiters have a more difficult job than an Actor. Ultimately, the take away point here is this,  Both Actors and Waiters work in the entertainment industry. Waiters interface with the customer and must be extremely attuned to needs both spoken and unspoken. Actors on the other hand have more leeway and freedom in how they go about influencing or invoking feelings in the audience. Having a Flair for Drama is accepted and encouraged in each, But Actors are Creators attempting to Convince an Audience that they are believable, Waiters are just tending to the needs and wants of the Patron, thus making them a secondary yet necessary piece to the overall Theatrics of going out to eat at a Restaurant.